3 Words to Use to Sound Smarter This Week - Volume 2

Welcome to the second official installment of "3 Words to Use to Sound Smarter This Week!" If you missed the first one, you can check it out here, but basically my hope is to float some new words into our everyday thoughts, with the goal of elevating our daily conversations and writing.

And speaking of writing, in case you haven't heard yet, Helene and Taylor have come up with the most brilliant idea ever: a "support group" and private community for fellow bloggers who are trying to write a book. I joined the group yesterday (just in time for National Writing Month, which is November, apparently!), and definitely think it's worth checking out if you're an aspiring writer too!

So, back to the point of this post, here are three words to use to sound smarter this week:


Just in time for Halloween! To help you get into what Mike affectionately refers to as "the spooky spirit," try using "eerie" the next time you're about to say "scary" or "suspicious." As in, "I was watching Sleepy Hollow at home alone when the lights turned off; it was eerie."


This one is totally random, and I may or may not have used a random word generator to come up with it (that's one way to expand your vocabulary, right?) The use case I like most is, "of, relating to, or adapted to walking," as in, "After being bedridden all morning from a wicked hangover, Chelsea was barely ambulatory."

"Iterate" or "Iterative"

This is a word that's been popping up at work a lot recently, primarily via the sentence: "We'll be taking an iterative approach." This basically means "involving repetition" in a way that you repeat over and over again to produce specific results.

So there you have it! Three words that will hopefully up your language game this week. What new words have you latched onto recently?

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