Weekending (With My Two Boyfriends) + September Goals

Alternative title to this post: An Ode to the Bro-mance

Hi readers! Sorry for the late weekend-recap post-- this weekend was such a whirlwind (so much so that I required got 10+ hours of sleep last night... and yet am still tired? Sigh).

Anyways, the highlight of this weekend was that Mike's very best friend Mikey (yes, they are both named Mike), has been back in San Diego for the past week or so while he's in school before his shore tour starts in September. Aside from sharing the same name, these two have a lot in common: they met while attending Officer Candidate School together over four years ago, share a love of biking and Jeeps, and were also roommates for the short period of time they were both stationed in San Diego three years ago. They also just in general love each other and are both total goofballs (even more so than usual) when they are together.

I can really let the pictures do the talking here, but we had an absolutely action-packed weekend. From beaching in Pacific Beach on Saturday (and in my case, getting ridiculously burnt. You think I would have learned by now, but alas, no), to celebrating a friend's departure for a new adventure on Saturday night, and trekking up to Del Mar for dinner at Fidel's and a stroll along this beach on Sunday, we stayed extremely busy.

Strolling the streets of PB
Reading my latest obsession "Gone Girl" at the beach. Finished that sucker in five days-- so good!
Making necessary purchases, like matching friendship bracelets, from beach vendors
Celebrating the beautiful Elena's last night out in San Diego at The W rooftop downtown
Catching the sunset from the cliffs in Del Mar
Necessary body-surfing re-enactment shot
What a cutie ;)
Oh hey, I made it into one of the photos!
Love this panorama of the park in downtown Del Mar

So yeah, as you can see... action packed. Not to mention a great way to close out the month of August! Which also means it's time to starting thinking about goals for September! This is my first time sharing monthly goals (woo accountability), so let's see how this goes!

September Goals

1. Take 8 Pilates classes at The Pilates Room 
I recently cancelled my gym membership because I realized I was spending way too much money for a membership I hardly used (2 classes per week tops), and I'm in a bit of a fitness rut right now. My roommate is a member at the The Pilates Room, and she absolutely loves it, so I decided, why not give it a shot? I bought the trial membership (only $25!), which includes 8 classes in the month you sign-up. My goal is to use every single one!

2. At least START migrating my blog site to WordPress
And by start I mean set up a meeting with my dear friend and designer extraordinaire, Omar. I can at least do that, right? Tentatively planning to mock up color boards and design ideas as well...

3. Only buy 2 coffee drinks per week
Since we started making cold-brew coffee at home, this has become a more attainable goal. But, in light of all the spending I've been doing lately (oh hayyy wedding season), I think it would behoove me to commit to reducing my coffee budget slightly. 

*Linking up with Angie and Karen for September goals:

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And with that, looks like we're at the dawn of a new month. Do you have any goals for the month of September? Please share in the comments; let's keep each other accountable!

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