5 Local San Diego Restaurants You Might Not Know About

Alternative title to this post: Things I've Been Eating Lately

We all know that four-day weekends/vacation/friends-visiting you means one important thing: lots and lots of food. So, in the spirit of eating everything, here are five absolutely fabulous restaurants I visited over the course of this long weekend, from Thursday evening's Mexican dinner with the "in-laws" to Memorial Day brunch. I hope you like food porn, cause you're about to get a lot of it.

1. Fidel's

Where it is: Solana Beach
What I ordered: The shrimp burrito (or, salsa verde with a burrito on the side... just the way I like it!)

Off the beaten path in Solana Beach, Fidel's is one of the best Mexican restaurants in San Diego with not nearly enough notoriety; since Mike and his family are San Diego locals, they know the ins and outs of some of the best spots in town. The menu is humongous, as are the portions. It's a truly authentic spot, relatively unknown by tourists. And sometimes that can be a plus!

2. Beaumont's

Where it is: Birdrock, La Jolla
What I ordered: The wild boar sausage flatbread

In the mood for a swanky yet low-key dinner? Check out Beaumont's in La Jolla. Live music, a surprisingly diverse menu and an easy transition from dinner to bar scene make Beaumont's a great choice for casual Friday nights. Not a bad date spot either...

3. Harry's Coffee Shop

Where it is: La Jolla
What I ordered: The bacon and avocado omelette.

This is my go-to brunch spot. Mike's parents introduced me to Harry's over a year ago and I still can't get enough of it. It's family-owned (been around for over 60 years!), and has just about any traditional breakfast item you could think of, plus some nontraditional ones. I just love the charm... oh and the food is awesome. Pro-tip: get the hashbrowns!

4. Great Maple

Where it is: Hillcrest
What I ordered: Maple bacon doughnuts

I could go on and on about Great Maple, but I actually did that a few weeks ago! Check out my Great Maple review post here

5. The Patio on Lamont

Where it is: Pacific Beach
What I ordered: The chilaquiles. (Almost) every time.

Of all the restaurants on this list, this one is probably the most well-known. The Patio is one of my favorite brunch spots, and not just because it's a few blocks from my house. The breakfast flatbread is a no-fail order, and you can pretty much never go wrong with chilaquiles (both pictured below). Plus if you bring your dog, you get 50% off drinks! As if I needed another reason to get a dog...

So yeah like I said, a lot of eating! And a very successful weekend indeed. What are some of your favorite local restaurants?