Hiking Los Peñasquitos Canyon in San Diego

Last weekend, I hiked Los Peñasquitos Canyon for the first time, and man was it beautiful. The scenery of San Diego never ceases to amaze me; hiking around this area (unless you're up at Torrey Pines, looking out at the ocean), you get used to seeing a lot of brown: dirt, rocks and desert terrain. Los Peñasquitos offers that, and way more. I was surprised by all the water on this hike, including the waterfall at the end! I'll let the pictures do the talking, but you'll get a sense of the variety I mean.

Beautiful, right? And the other nice part is that this hike is mostly flat! It's long if you hike to the waterfall and back (about six miles), but definitely worth the trekking. You can check out more information on Los Peñasquitos Canyon Preserve here.

Have you been on any good hikes lately? What are your favorites?