My 4 Favorite Coffee Shops in San Diego

If you're new around these parts, or if you're not following me on Instagram, you may not know that I have a serious coffee obsession.... Iced coffee, in particular. That being said, I feel like it's my civic duty to share my go-to favorite coffee shops, so everyone else can experience the java that keeps me moving day in and day out. So (for now), here are my five favorite coffee shops in San Diego.

1. Turquoise Coffee 

Located in north (read: nicer part of) Pacific Beach in San Diego, Turquoise Coffee is an ideal breakfast spot for weekend mornings (Bonus points if you attend ocean-front yoga prior). This is one of the few coffee shops I frequent that offers a full breakfast/lunch menu, as well as pretty much any coffee drink you could desire. If you want to stop by later in the day, you may be in for a surprise: this joint turns into a wine bar after 5 pm.

What I Order: Regular mocha. (And a breakfast sandwich! They're the best).
Pro-Tip: This is a great place to sit down and get some work done.

2. Crown Point Coffee

Located close to Mission Bay, Crown Point Coffee is everything you want in a San Diego coffee shop. Outdoor seating (usually with dogs-- win!), a variety of coffee, smoothies and food, and a homey, personal vibe-- you just feel good when you're there. It's a fantastic shop that epitomizes all things California.

What I Order: Iced chai latte. I'm normally strictly-coffee, but this chai latte is too good. They even have a frappucino version!
Pro-Tip: If you're into standard coffee, invest in their refillable cup; it will save you a bunch.

3. Better Buzz

Hazelnut Divinity, for the win!

When I first moved to San Diego four years ago, this place only had (I think) three locations. Now, they have six! A local favorite, Better Buzz is known for their unique (and sweet!) drinks, as well as their catchy taglines and corresponding merchandise. A staple for many of their coffee drinks, their signature vanilla powder is really something special. In addition, several of their locations offer drive-through options for coffee-drinkers on the go.

What I Order: Iced Best Drink Ever. Just order it, trust me.
Pro-Tip: During prime commute hours, skip the drive thru line (which is usually 6 or 7 cars deep) and walk inside. It's usually empty.

4. The Mudbar

Jen and her dad, Rick own this sweet little cart up on the third floor patio of 1 Columbia Place, on West A Street and Columbia in Little Italy (the patio is accessible from stairs on the street). If you love the feeling of having a personal coffee shop where the barista greets you by name, the MudBar is for you. It actually feels weird to refer to Jen as a barista... she is so personable, visiting the MudBar really feels more like meeting up with a friend (who makes you delicious coffee).

What I Order: Iced flavored latte. Caramel has been my favorite lately. Jen also makes a mean frappe!
Pro-Tip: Download the app Level Up to receive points for your purchases that accumulate into credits and coupons!

Welp, there ya have it folks. Those four coffee spots pretty much cover my weekly coffee needs, regardless of the occasion. What are your favorite local coffee spots?