5 Thing That Made Me Happy This Weekend - March 22

Happy Monday everyone! I hope you all had wonderful, restful, perfect weekends. Here's a quick recap of mine, with five things that made me happy over the past few days.

1. Some exciting news!

What better way to kickoff the weekend than with a personal announcement: homegirl got a promotion this past week, y'all! I don't want to talk about it too much here, but to sum up, I am so excited about this new opportunity, and to move up within the company and advance my own career goals. Hard work pays off, guys!

2. Some solid coffee-shop time

On Saturday morning, I spent some quality coffee-shop time at one of my favorite spots in PB: Turquoise Coffee. While I've always liked this place (great coffee, full food menu, awesome location), on Saturday I discovered that it's a great place to sit down and read, work on the blog, etc. I imagine I'll be spending a lot more time here in the near future.

Happy place.

3. Treat yo-self

Mike has recently discovered Groupon... which for me, is freaking awesome. Thoughtful guy that he is, he bought a one-hour massage coupon for me, which I redeemed on Saturday morning at Active Rest Chiropractic in La Jolla. I can comfortably say that this was the best massage I've ever received: it was a bit more intense than past massages I've gotten, but I definitely needed after all the barre classes I've been taking lately. I went into this massage feeling achy, with reallyyy tight calves, and I left feeling totally relaxed!

4. Baby picture mania!

Ohhhh my goodness. The cuteness. On Saturday evening, I hung out with Mike's mom (we do that sometimes) for a very special viewing session of Mike's baby pictures. My #tbt/#mcm arsenal is fully loaded.


5. Backyard in Pacific Beach

On Sunday afternoon, some friends and I ventured out to PB's newest bar: Backyard Kitchen & Tap. We ate, we drank, and we watched ALL the basketball. The vibe of this place is interesting; for a PB bar it's surprisingly classy and gives off a very Pinterest-y vibe, but it still has typical PB bar elements (outdoor seating, multiple TVs to watch games, and a low-key, casual setting). We sampled quite a few of their cocktails, including the spicy pear one seen below, and they were all great! The menu is surprisingly diverse, with a heavier emphasis on seafood than you would expect; after it was recommended to me by our bartender, I ordered the crab and lobster roll, which was amazing!

Pear cocktail: moderately spicy, extremely refreshing.

Crab and lobster roll: I'd go back JUST to eat this again. 

All in all, an awesome weekend, with just a slight "basketball hangover" this morning... What are you still smiling about from this weekend?