4 Easy Ways to Save a Few Bucks


I am notoriously bad at saving money. Well, maybe not bad, but I definitely shuffle the importance of saving under the rug a little bit… I mean, what twenty-something-year-old doesn't? Anyways, in the past couple months years of my short life, I've dogeared a few tips to help the saving process along. And we could also use a little money advice every once in a while, right?

1. You don’t have to buy bras at Victoria’s Secret
I mentioned in a previous post that I recently scored an awesome bra at TJ Maxx for six bucks. Six bucks! While I admit that’s a little outrageous, it just goes to show there are quality bras out there for way less than what Victoria’s Secret makes you think you should be spending. And I’m not knocking Victoria's Secret at all-- they produce quality stuff. I have more than my fair share of their products, like the red bra I spent $60 on for Valentine’s Day last year and have worn approximately 20 times total since then. I think I just proved my own point…

2. Auto-transfer is your friend
And while we’re at it, so are budget-tracking spreadsheets (thanks Dad). Unless you have an endless stream of income and don’t need to worry about when and where you’re spending your hard-earned dollars, and more importantly if/when you can afford to save substantially, both of these options are a great idea. Setting up an auto-transfer to automatically transfer a set amount of money from your checking to savings account each month, week, etc, can help you achieve your savings goals faster than you'd think. And you won't miss that money because it was never yours to spend!

3. BYOC (bring your own cup)
If you’re a coffee drink addict me, don’t fret! You don’t have to quit cold turkey to save a few bucks. Most coffee shops honor a reusable cup discount (including my spot of choice, Better Buzz Coffee in San Diego). Saving 25 cents per drink may not seem like much, but when you go at least four times a week, like myself, that’s a dollar saved per week!

4. Keep your CVS receipts
Yes, I know they’re at least a yard long each time, but cashing in on receipt-coupons could save you mucho money. I typically have a running list of things I need to buy (eventually...), and more often that not, some of these items will pop up in receipt coupons that I get after each visit to CVS. Make note of the expiration date, plan your spending and shop responsibly.

I recently read an article on LearnVest and got the idea of setting aside a jar, and every time you get some spare change from a purchase (coins, one-dollar-bills, whatever you like), you immediately allocate it to the jar. I haven’t employed this strategy yet, but I think it might be next on my list. What unconventional (or conventional) ways do you hold yourself accountable for saving a few bucks here and there? I’d love to hear it!  

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