5 Things That Made Me Happy This Weekend

What good is a good weekend without blogging about the highlights, amirite? (Going to go ahead an skip anything Superbowl related and get to the good stuff...)

Better Buzz’ Red Velvet Mocha

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, my local coffee obsession shop rolled out an awesome twist on the traditional mocha. It’s just the right level of sweet, and doesn't leave you with a sugar hangover after consumption. Cheers!


Quick-- Run to the nearest Express store and buy this dress in any and every color. It is SO comfortable and can be dressed up or down for nearly every occasion. Paired with booties and a swingy necklace, it’s the perfect get-up-and-go work attire choice. Personally, I’ve stocked up on black and navy blue, but I may or may not be cutting myself off there…

TJ Maxx

Not like TJ Maxx is ever not a good idea, but this weekend I walked in and bought a fantastic bra for $6. Six bucks people! Granted I’m not the most buxom of women, but a good bra is always tough to find, and this one (from Marilyn Monroe) was an immediate perfect fit. Plus I got matching undies for $3. Score!

Things My Boyfriend Tweets

I think mostly just to appease me, Mike has recently forayed into the Twitter world. I’m kind of just letting him do his own thing, because the results have proven pretty awesome thus far. He’s mostly just retweeting links about pandas and stuff from @CuteEmergency, but still… at least he’s trying!

“Winter” in San Diego

While a teeny, tiny part of me misses have a good reason to wear cute winter clothes, it’s hard to ever really be mad about 70-and-sunny weather. Plus we've been having some freaking amazing sunsets lately. Exhibit A…

What are you still smiling about from this past weekend? Happy Monday!

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