Weekly Link Roundup + Blogger Love

Happy Friday! This week was quite a busy one-- between work, dinners, holiday events and everything in between, it was hard to fit "blogging" into the schedule. But, as Diana so simply emphasizes in her post below, "It happens, no big deal, now let’s hop back on this train." We often get so swept up in the busy-ness of life (in general, but especially during the holidays), that sometimes it seems like the end of the world if we don't accomplish everything on our list (and Lord knows that list never ends).

So, in the spirit of takings time for YOU, today's blogger love is dedicated to a few brilliant ladies who are sharing tips on staying sane and making the most of this holiday season. Enjoy!

1. Diana shares some great ideas for making time for "self-care" during this busy holiday season (thisimperfecthappiness.com)

2. And while we're at it, check out Chelcey's tips on how not to go broke over the holidays! (www.chelceytate.com)

3. Anne shares some awesome blogging book suggestions (lovethehereandnow.com)

4. Trying to not gain ALL the holiday weight? Amanda's got you covered with a roundup of YouTube workout videos and a holiday playlist! (meetat-thebarre.com)

5. Love this post from Chelsea on making an effort to savor the season - and every day after! (thegirlwholovedtowrite.com)

6. A drool-worthy recipe for holiday baked brie (purewow.com)

7. More reasons to keep using that journal: one writer shares what she learned from keeping a gratitude journal for a month (fastcompany.com)

8. A fun idea for your next new introduction: 27 questions to ask instead of "what do you do?" (buffer.com)

Have a great weekend!

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