Weekending - Fa La La La Laaaa

Happy Monday y'all! While that's normally most definitely an oxy-moron, weirdly I am pretty happy this Monday morning-- I had a really great weekend, full of lots of Christmas festivities and family time. We hit up December Nights on Friday night, San Diego's huge Christmas festival at Balboa Park. We decorated not one, but two trees (including picking them out and strapping them to the roof of Mike's car...), and spent the majority of Sunday evening watching the Steelers kick butt (woo!) and basking in the glow of our beautiful tree.

In front of the Dr. Seuss-themed tree outside of the Old Globe in Balboa Park
Decking out your jeep is a crucial holiday tradition, obviously

Hunting for the perfect tree is hard work, as Mike demonstrates...

The theme of this year's tree is "sparkly" :)

In light of everything I was lucky enough to do this weekend, I find myself reflecting on what, to me, has always been an integral part of celebrating the holidays: spending time with family. Of course, my family is on the other side of the country (though I'll be seeing them in just 2.5 short weeks!), but I feel so fortunate to have both Mike and his wonderful family just a short drive away. It was really important to Mike's mom that I participate in helping them decorate their tree this year, so I could have some semblance of family time, and I am so, so grateful for that. On a separate note, as I get older and am exposed to new "traditions," it's always interesting to take part in the rituals of others; to see how friends and family may decorate or celebrate differently (White lights or colored? Tinsel or no tinsel? Angel or star on the top of the tree?) And there's something special about being a part of that new experience, being included in something that's been such a long-standing practice that emphasizes that feeling of "togetherness" that the holidays are often so great for inciting. And for that (among many, many other things), I am grateful.

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