For the Love of Food: The 3 Best Things I Ate in Hawaii

Alohaaaa friends! Okay, now that I'm back from Hawaii, I guess I have to stop saying that... Anyways, yes, I am back from Hawaii, after a fun-filled five-day vacay, and boy, do I have some great pictures and adventures to share with you guys! But, let's start with the good stuff... the food!

We were on vacation and we definitely ate like it. From sushi to hibachi, breakfast buffets to local fare, we pretty much covered all the bases. But, I definitely had some favorites, some of which I will be trying my hardest to replicate now that I'm back on the "mainland" (stay tuned for those stories as well). So,if I had to pick, here are the three best things I ate while we were in Hawaii.

1. All the fresh fruit!!!

One of (one of) the best things about Hawaii was all the fresh fruit available. On Saturday morning, we drove up to Diamond Head for a farmers market they have their each week, and the number fresh fruit, vegetable, flower, baked good and delicious food stands was overwhelming-- in the best way. The pineapple and papaya were especially delicious.

"Look at this pineapple!" is my pose here, in case you were wondering.

 2. Portuguese Sausage Breakfast Sandwich on Taro Bagel

Portuguese sausage for the win! I had all-but-forgotten about this special variety of link-sausage-- similar to Italian sausage but with a flavor all its own. Paired with a (purple!) taro bagel and traditional scrambled egg and cheese, the combo was incredible. The Hawaiians do bread right: guava bread/cake and sweet bread were two other happy food discoveries of this trip.

3. Papaya and Peanut Butter Sandwich

Holy yum-- this sandwich, by far, was one of the most unique and tasty things I experienced on our trip. Mike picked it out for brunch one day at the local coffee shop, Island Vintage. The next day, his parents headed out to try it for themselves (and ended up bringing Mike back ANOTHER one to eat). The combination of sweet and nutty, sandwiched between artisinal cranberry bread was to die for. I will definitely be trying my hand at replicating this number sometime soon.

...Are you drooling yet? Cause I am! Have you been to Hawaii or had the pleasure of eating local food? What are your faves?

Stay tuned for lots more Hawaii stuff! (whether you like it or not :).

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