The Most Helpful 1920s Hair & Makeup Links

This past weekend was full of all-things "holiday," including a hallmark event: Mike and I attending our first company holiday party together! In the 2+ years we've been together, he's been overseas for about 1.5 of them, so this type of event was a first for us.

And to make things even more exciting, Mike's company party was 1920s-themed! Needless to say, I was stoked-- I jump at any opportunity for a theme party, and for whatever reason, I had never attended a Roaring Twenties-themed shindig before. So, there was work to be done. A month or so ago I purchased the dress above from Francesca's (in case you haven't browsed yet-- their Holiday Dress shop is wonderful!), because "flapper" = sparkles and fringe, right? But other than that... I knew nothing. I mean we've all seen "The Great Gatsby," but unless I wanted to rely on my costume being me walking around calling everyone "old sport!" all night, I needed some serious help.


So naturally I turned to our good friend Pinterest for some research. And to save you some of the same trouble, below are some of my favorite 1920s hair, makeup and style tutorials from around the web.

1. The picture below served as my makeup inspiration for the night (not that I'm the type of person that frequently looks for "makeup inspiration," but desperate times...). The key features I was trying to emulate are:


Plus, it's just such a gorgeous photo!

2. This "Definitive Guide On Dressing 1920s" that I stumbled across was super helpful as well! With detailed sections (and links to other resources) on everything from hair styles to makeup nuances, jewelry and accessories to social behavior, this guide also served as a history lesson in addition to a style guide.

Mike and I took this picture on the way out because we loved the wreath in the background. My hair is a bit flat at this point, but check out that coat!

3. Hair was the real tricky piece. I had decided early on that I wanted to do some sort of fake bob, but there are tons of great tutorials out there for updos and headband-based styles as well. Below are the images, links and step-by-step guides I tried (keyword *tried*) to use as inspiration for my Faux Vintage Bob (which, apparently, is what this is called!):




So from hair to makeup to general 1920s style, that pretty much covers my favorite links and resources! Have you ever dressed up to fit a 1920s theme before? What was your look?

Happy Monday, y'all!

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