Life Lately..

Hi friends! I don't know about everyone else, but for me this is the last full week of work in 2015 (may or may not have realized that 15 minutes ago), and I am STOKED about it!

Life has been sufficiently crazy lately, between buying last-minute holiday gifts, squeezing in holiday parties, work, finding time to work out (to try to fight the inevitable holiday weight gain), and everything in between. This weekend alone, I'm getting my hair did on Friday, we're celebrating Christmas with Mike's family on Saturday and then attending my bestie Cassie's annual ugly sweater Christmas party. Oh and I still haven't sent out Christmas cards! The list goes on and on...

And most importantly (blog-wise), I'm working really hard with the help of my incredibly talented friend Omar to switch my blog over to Wordpress! I'm hopeful to have the new site live before Christmas (like I said... busy), so excuse the lull if things are a little quieter around here than normal! More work on this site just means more to transport over to the new site sooo yeah. Trying to save time where I can!

Anyways, here's a roundup of all the photos and noteworthy events that haven't quite made their way to the blog yet. Cheers!

Communing over a delicious spread for our White Elephant party on Sunday!
How cute is the flower arrangement for the holidays? Sunflowers + cranberries in water
My contribution to the White Elephant: Mini Buffalo Chicken Wonton Cups! Recipe coming soon...
Christmas tree made entirely out of pointsettias - a yearly tradition in Little Italy
The couple that charcoal masks together...

 Have a great Wednesday!