Wednesday Confessions (From 36,000 Feet)

I enjoyed my first go at "Wednesday Confessions" a couple weeks ago so much that I'm back again! (I really wanted to insert some sort of Backstreet Boys "Oh my gahhhd we're back again GIF here, but the wifi sucks on my plane, so oh well. #firstworldproblems).

After spending a relaxing few days at home in Virginia, I'm heading back to San Diego, and am currently cruising at about 36,000 feet somewhere above Nevada (according to my flight tracker). Long plane rides allow for lots of extra time for reflection soooo...

I confess...

...I miss fall, but more specifically, I miss the leaves. I went on the crunchiest, leafiest run ever while I was back in Virginia (note: using the term "run" very loosely here), and got way too much joy out of it.

...Yesterday I spent the entire day in my pajamas. Literally. The entire day. #noshame

...I've been slacking ever so slightly at #NaNoWriMo. It was hard to find motivation during this trip home. I'm attempting to make up for it on the plane ride back though!

...My youngest brother is applying to colleges right now and after seeing what's he's going through and being reminded of how tough the admissions process is, I honestly don't know if I could ever go back to school.

...I want a puppy. Not really a confession, but especially after spending time with Moose at home this weekend, I have the fever. BAD.

...I accidentally spent way too much money on a blow-out before Karley's wedding on Saturday. *cough* $70 *cough* I didn't even know a blow out could cost that much! I'll stick to doing my own hair thankkk you very much.

And I think that's enough confession time for now. Linking up with Sarah @ Plucky in Love  & Alanna at Alanna & Company. Happy hump-day!

Alanna & Company

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