Vineyard Vines Holiday Collection Wish List

Alternative title to this post: An Ode to Tartan

Two holiday posts in a row? But it's not even December! I know, I know, but this is important. In fact, you could consider this post a PSA. I strongly encourage everyone to stop what you're doing (yes, even if that means reading this post), and check out Vineyard Vines' Holiday Collection. It can be summed up in three words: All. The. Tartan.

Below is are links to my favorite picks:

1. Vineyard Tartan Wool Cape - This cape is everything. It's made from "supersoft merino wool fabric"-- perfect to pair with leggings for a comfy outfit day.

2. Christmas Tartan Scarf - Slightly more affordable than the cape and just as cute.

3. Holiday Tartan Shep Shirt in Marshmallow - I think I would wear this everyday. Around the house, running errands, after the gym-- the possibilities are endless.

4. Christmas Tartan Skirt in Lighthouse Red - I picture myself wearing this skirt at some elaborate cocktail party that I'm hosting (fabulously). Also I live in New England and own three Labradors. #dreams.

Those are my favorites, but there are so many other great pieces! Kudos to VV for a great holiday line. What other brands are killing it with their holiday collections?

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