Weekly Link Roundup + Blogger Love

Hi friends! This Friday's weekly link roundup is coming to you a bit later than usual-- I'm currently back in the great state of Virginia spending some time with family and preparing to celebrate one of my college friend's weddings tomorrow! I've also been spending about 90% of my time cuddling with this cute face:

...Can you blame me? Moose has doubled in size (literally, his weight has doubled) since the first time I saw him in September. He's also become a lot less bite-y and lot more lovey-- such a sweet boy.

Anyways, here's a roundup of my favorite links from the past week. Enjoy!

1. Five amazing ways to start your day from the Tone It Up girls (toneitup.com)

2. In case you were wondering, 15 unique gemstones and what they signify (refinery29.com)

3. Seven versatile ways to wear knee-high boots (glamour.com)

4. Planning a solo night in? Amanda has all your essentials! (anchoredtosunshine.com)

5. Pam shares her 15 favorite basic sweaters under $75 (thegirlfrompanama.com)

6. A creative idea to up you leftover Halloween candy game: wine pairings by candy type! (verbalgoldblog.com)

Hope you have a great weekend! I'll be getting my "black-tie-preferred" on tomorrow night in DC--follow along on Instagram if you'd like!

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