24-Hour Hometown Fall City Guide: San Diego

When you think of fall, what are some of the images that come to mind? Maybe crunchy leaves, heavy plaid scarves and hot pumpkin drinks in cool temperatures?

In San Diego, that's not really what fall looks like. At all. Instead, we get a lot of this in September, October and November.

La Jolla Cove, September 2015
Mission Bay, October 2015

And I'm not complaining! Not one bit. But there is a small part of me that enjoys indulging in the more "traditional" aspects of fall. So, with the help of EventBrite, I've rounded up a list of activities to help you spend a perfect "fall" day in San Diego. Ready, set... go!

For more information on EventBrite's event management services to help plan your own local event, check out their website.


-Grab a pumpkin drink on your way out the door.  My favorite? A iced (great for warm San Diego fall days!) pumpkin spice latte from local coffee roaster, Better Buzz.

-If it's Saturday, head to the Little Italy Farmers Market. If it's Tuesday, head to the Pacific Beach Farmers Market. Either way, you are in for a treat. For a few hours each day, the streets are lined with local vendors, dishing out everything from fresh fruits and vegetables to flowers, from essential oils to craft beer (so very San Diego). Two of my favorite stands to hit up are Mikolich Honey and PB Peanut Butter.

Mikolich Family Honey is 100% local to San Diego, made in Temecula, California. They offer flavored varieties such as Orange Blossom, Sage Buckwheat and even Avocado-- perfect to add a wholesome kick to your tea once you come down with the inevitable first cold of fall.

PB Peanut Butter is probably my favorite stand at any farmer's market in San Diego (and not just because they give out tons of free samples!). My roommate introduced this local brand to me almost a year ago, and it's basically ruined me for all other peanut butter... Why would I have Jif when I could have all-natural white chocolate peanut butter? Or toffee peanut butter? Or peanut butter BLENDED WITH M&M's?! Simply put: PB Peanut Butter is the best. And did I mention they ship nationally?


-We may not have red and orange leaves littering the ground in San Diego, but if you head to Balboa Park, you're guaranteed to see your fair share of trees!

Balboa Park began as 1400 acres of land set aside in 1868 by San Diego civic leaders, so it's garnered its fair share of history. Today its perfect for pretty much every occasion: picnics, a quick jog, a trip to one of their multiple museums (my favorite is the San Diego Museum of Man), or one of many special events they host throughout the year. Mark your calendar now: "December Nights," their annual holiday weekend celebration is taking place December 4-5 this year.

Inside Tip: Depending on which Tuesday of the month it is, select museums offer free admission for local San Diego residents. Check out the schedule here.

The Botanical Building at Balboa Park


Finish the day by grabbing a drink at the iconic Hotel del Coronado and then doing some beach-front ice-skating. Yes, you read that right. Starting on November 26 this year (Thanksgiving Day), the Hotel del offers "Skating by the Sea:" a special man-made ice rink on the white sand of Coronado beach. It's a pretty unique experience, and the perfect way to close out a fun-filled fall day in San Diego.

Mike and I doing some beach-front ice-skating in Coronado last year

Of course, there are probably a million more things you could spend the day doing in San Diego, but those are just a few of my favorites, especially to get in the fall spirit in a not-exactly-autumnal climate.

What are your favorite fall activities to do in your hometown?

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