7 Things That Happen When You Attend a Black-Tie Wedding

1. Prior to the wedding, you will use this event as an opportunity to take advantage of every pampering tactic you could possibly use. A blowout? Sure. Makeover at Sephora? Why not!

2. You will take as many pictures of you and your friends as you possibly can. I mean, we all look fabulous! It's basically prom for grown-ups.

3. For that same reason, you will feel inclined to take some over-the-top, "look how fancy I look!" solo-shot. Potentially some sort of Disney princess scene reenactment... (see first post photo).

4. Despite your fancy attire, the silliness will find inevitably find a way to manifest. Oftentimes through a photo booth...

5. At some point, you will be blown away by someone's (or a group of someone's dance moves). I mean... come ON!

6. You will consider-- even if just for a second-- having your own black-tie wedding.

7. And most importantly, formal attire and beautiful venue aside, you will have so, so much fun celebrating the marriage of two of your (really really ridiculously good-looking) friends. 

Congratulations Karley and Kyle! I'm so glad I got to help you celebrate. You can see more gorgeous photos from Karley and Kyle's wedding with the hashtag: #karleyandkyledowntheaisle.