Weekly Link Roundup - October 2

Happy Friday party people! I don't know about you, but I am especially siked for this weekend-- Mike and I are running a beach 5K tomorrow, and then my plan (fingers crossed) is to do absolutely nothing. But before I can work on that, here's a roundup of my favorite links from the past week. Enjoy!

1. 11 everyday phrases you can easily turn from negative to positive (happify.com)

2. Check out Abbey's list of movies to watch to get you in the fall spirit (ohdearabbey.com)

3. In case you're like me and never learned how to blanch anything - Five cooking techniques no one teaches you (lifehacker.com)

4. Six unusual ways to rejuvenate yourself during your lunch break (levo.com)

5. Five things to do when you're stuck with just your computer (anchoredtosunshine.com)

6. Ten completely free and crazy useful resources for bloggers - Thanks Christine! (christineeveryday.com)

7. Yes, yes yes! Cream cheese-filled pumpkin bread (averiecooks.com)

8. Find your perfect nude pink lipstick here (thecosmeticaesthetic.com)

Have a great weekend!

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