Wednesday Confessions - Volume 1

I've seen these types of posts floating around the blogosphere for a while, and I always like them because I feel like they really give you more of a personal glimpse into the girl behind the blog. You've never actually had a PSL? Cool! You're secretly afraid of vacuums? I respect you more for sharing! You know, stuff like that.

So, I figure it's high-time, I put together one of these "confession" posts of my own, especially since there are too many fabulous Wednesday link-ups out there. Without further ado...

I confess...

...that I've never actually seen the movie, "The Nightmare Before Christmas." It scared me when I was younger and it still kind of does!

...speaking of scary stuff, I can probably count the number of scary movies I've seen on one hand (one of them is Hitchcock's "The Birds"). I'm a HUGE baby with scary movies.

...I actually don't really like Starbucks. At all. *Insert monkey-hiding-face emoji here*

...that I'm a "dog person." 110%.

...speaking of dogs, I probably have about 10 potential puppy names picked out for when Mike and I eventually get a dog, and zero potential baby names.

...I think about leaving California and moving back to the East Coast at least twice a day.

What do you confess today? Happy hump-day!

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