San Diego Love: Orange & Park Prints

Over my first couple of years in San Diego, I started seeing these beautiful, simple prints around the city-- in friend's houses, at restaurants, on Instagram. The prints were simple: usually black, white and some pop of color, and featured maps of California or the city of San Diego, with block lettering of cities and areas within those regions. And I loved them.


But for whatever reason, I didn't buy one. I found out the brand name-- Orange & Park, and browsed the website. Maybe I couldn't decide which one I liked best (since they're all wonderful!)

Nearly four years after discovering these prints, I finally found a perfect reason to buy-- Mike and I have been talking about how much we both love Orange & Park prints for years, and for our anniversary a couple weeks ago, I surprised him with a pair of prints.

While Orange & Park has a ton of great prints, I was drawn to these two since they are representative of us and our relationship: Mike was born in raised in San Diego, and is a true California kid:

...while much of my own life (until I moved to San Diego) has been centered around the East Coast:

They're minimalistic, yet meaningful (and unisex enough to occupy Mike's man-cave of an apartment). I couldn't be happier with the way they've turned out.

When I first discovered Orange & Park, they were only selling California prints, but they've expanded to Mexico, these East Coast, and various nautical imagery. And they best part? Even though Orange & Park is based in Coronado, California, they ship these prints anywhere in the country!

You can check out their full shop here (they also sell shirts and stationary), and I highly recommend that you do!

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. Opinions on my own.