Weekending: The Hardest 5K I've Ever Run

Monday... we meet again.

I always feel just a tad bit better going into Monday when I feel like I really eek-ed all the time and fun to be had out of the weekend prior.

The big event this past weekend was the PB Beach Fest 5K that Mike and I participated in on Saturday morning. I'll admit I'm not in the best running shape, but this 5K course packed a punch. Since it was a "beach" 5K, the course was just that-- on the beach! Specifically, in the deep sand. Luckily, only half of the course was on sand; the other half was on the boardwalk. But regardless, I was smoked by the end. Running with Mike (who works out like it's his job... Well, I guess it kind of is) provided an added challenge. I can't say I would have pushed myself as hard as I did without him setting the pace. But as you can see from the pics below... we made it!

Mike (who is part fish, by the way) taking a post-race dip
 We did it!

The rest of Saturday was spent consuming multiple celebratory beverages whilst watching college football (namely the Penn State-Army game, which we won, woo!)

On Sunday, we grabbed brunch at a new place for us, Isabel's Cantina in Pacific Beach. The brunch menu there (and the orange pineapple kale juice... really) is no joke.

Unfortunately over the weekend, I also came down with some sort of allergy-sickness combo that is just beginning to take shape... I haven't had any problems with allergies for almost my entire life, but for whatever reason, the past couple months I've had issues on and off. So far, the only remedy I've taken is the occasional Claritin, but I'm sure I could be doing more. Does anyone else have seasonal allergies? And if so, how do you combat them? Any and all advice would be much appreciated!

Hope you all had fabulous (and allergy-free) weekends!