Big List of October Favorites

I'm a little late with my "Hello October!" post, but hey, I really wanted to put some thought into this one. After all, October is the first month of full-fledged-fall (#basic girls, make noise!)

Before I moved to San Diego, I always said fall was my favorite season. I guess it still is, even though we don't get the colder temperatures and changing foliage colors. While the leaves (in other states...) may be starting to change colors and prep for their winter flight, there's something about fall that signifies change; new-ness even. Fall marks the start of new clothing styles, weather patterns and the penultimate holiday season (P.S. Christmas is just 79 days away. Eep).  

So, even though the weather hasn't exactly been autumnal here in San Diego, that doesn't mean I haven't been pulling out all the (pumpkin) stops. In the spirit of sharing that fuzzy fall feeling, here's a big list of my current October favorites!

1. Trader Joe's Pumpkin Mania

Yes, I am THAT girl that swiped every single pumpkin food item off the shelf as soon as Trader Joe's rolled out their annual pumpkin haul. Check out some of my favorites below.

If you buy nothing else, buy the Pumpkin Macarons. WORTH it.

2. Boxcar Coffee Roasters

When we traveled to Boulder, Colorado over Labor Day weekend, we made a stop at an awesome coffee roasting spot: Boxcar Coffee Roasters. At their shop in Boulder, I had the best iced mocha I've ever tasted, and we took home some ground coffee-- the Costa Rica Don Pepe -- as a souvenir. Weeks later, we mixed that baby up for some cold brew, and it has been absolutely delicious. Unfortunately, they only sell their coffee in-store, but if you're a coffee snob visiting Colorado, I highly recommend you check them out!

Cold brew in action - amazing!
Behind the counter of Boxcar Coffee Roasters in Boulder, CO

3. Target's Fall Home Decor Line

And the basic-ness continues... a couple weekends ago, I stopped in Target for a few items. (Why don't we all just admit that that is never how the Target trips play out?) Of course, I walked out with way more than that, including this decorative wood tray:

Buy here.

I've had my eye on one of these decorative trays for a while, and when I saw the mirrored bottom and glitter accents, I had to have it... When I brought it home to Mike and he asked what it was for, my only response was... "It's a thing!" #SorryI'mNotSorry

4. Fall Getaways

To fully embrace the fall, Mike and I are taking a weekend trip to Big Bear this coming weekend. This season offers so many opportunities for weekend getaways; when the weather is cooling down, but not so cold that it has to be a ski trip to make sense. I've never been to Big Bear, so I'm so excited to check it out! Expect a ton of pictures next week.

That's my big list of October Favorites (for now!) What are your favorite fall finds so far?