Weekly Link Roundup - September 4

It's time for the first link-roundup of September! I can hardly believe it-- in recent years I've absolutely become one of those people who says at the beginning of each new month: "I can't believe it's X-month!" And September is no exception.

Mike and I are spending the weekend in Boulder, Colorado for a friend's wedding (follow along here!),  but I'll be back on Monday (maybe Tuesday... it is Labor Day weekend after all!) with lots of stories to tell. For now, here's a roundup of my favorite links from the past week:

1. So needed for red-eye flights: the experts guide to sleeping on a plane (greatist.com)

2. A good one to save: how to be a feminist leader at work (dailyworth.com)

3. The secret to a happier relationship? Laugh together more (glamour.com)

4. A wonderful roundup of Instagram tips from Hillary (salsatheblog.com)

5. How to reinvent your bedroom (apartment34.com)

6. A perfect recipe to try out now that it's September! Pumpkin French Toast (cookingclassy.com)

7. Daily habits for a clutter-free home (becomingminimalist.com)

8. Super applicable for this upcoming weekend (not to mention the other two weddings I have on the docket this year! How to make a good impression at weddings (brides.com)

Hope you have a great weekend!

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