Weekending: Three Sisters Hike + Floating on Mission Bay

Any time you wake up on Monday morning still sore from the workout you did on Saturday, it's probably a sign that you had a great weekend. Let me tell you guys, this weekend was one for the books. On Saturday we logged eight miles hiking the Three Sisters Falls. However, thanks to the 95+ degree temperatures and notorious California drought we're in right now, the running joke was that we hiked No Sisters (as in: no waterfalls). The trail was hard and the temps were high... but we survived.

We kicked off Sunday morning with more physical activity by heading to ocean-front yoga at Law Street in Pacific Beach. If you live in the San Diego area or ever plan a visit, beach front yoga is a must-do. It's an hour-and-a-half, donation-based yoga practice lead by Steve (or "Nama-steve), who's been putting on these weekend classes for years. Although it was a katrillion degrees on Sunday morning, you still can't beat the feeling of ocean breeze on your face during tree-pose.

And then... Sunday took an unexpected turn. My friend Tara joined us for beach yoga in the morning, and afterwards suggested heading to the bay for some soulful Sunday lounging. She just had to run home first. What she didn't say was that she'd be returning with a massive, pool float, complete with built-in coolers and "ergonomic seating."

So pensive...

...And that's all folks! How was your weekend?

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