3 Things You MUST Do in Miami (and Where to Do Them)

Ah Miami... the city where the players play. Or something like that.

This weekend, I'm heading back east to attend my friend Caroline's wedding. It seems like we were just celebrating her bachelorette party yesterday... In reflection of our crazy weekend and her upcoming nuptials, here's a rundown of three must-do activities for The Magic City, which (apparently) is a nickname for Miami.

1. Rent a Cabana

The best way to spend your days in Miami is poolside. If you really want to kick your pool days up a notch, renting a cabana for the day is the way to go. While it will cost you some extra dollars, the benefits are worth it. Namely, you won't have to arrive at the crack of down or face fighting fellow hotel guests for beach chairs, Also, the odds of sizzling your skin in the Miami sun go wayyy down when you have the option of shade whenever you so choose.

We stayed at the Fountainbleau Miami Beach, which has an awesome cabana setup (see above), but here are some of the other most popular options for cabana rentals in Miami.

Fontainebleau Miami Beach, day rentals range from $250 - $1,500, if you're fancy

- Delano South Beach, call for information

- The Perry South Beach Hotel has eight cabanas, offering an "intimate and unique" South Beach experience. Read: great for couples.

The Biltmore is all over the Internet for its popular cabana rentals.

Need more pool/cabana options for Miami? Check out this roundup of the best hotel pools from Huffington Post.

2. Party

The Kardashians are right about one thing: the party scene in Miami is where it's at. We were lucky to have LIV, one of the top Miami nightclubs just inside our hotel, but there's no shortage of clubs to dance the night away (and by night, I mean until 4 am). Insider tip: wear relatively comfortable shoes. Here are some of the clubs you should check out:

- LIV Nightclub: located inside the Fontainebleau and the hottest spot in town. It won't get busy until after midnight, but showing up earlier than that will help you beat the line madness. (Note: drinks will cost you ~$14 each. Pregame accordingly).

STORY Nightclub: Created by the same company behind LIV and boasts "an extravagant circus-style setting."

Party people-- check out Thrillist's recommendations for the top 15 nightclubs in Miami, and which nights you should hit them up.

3. Eat Like a Local

Okay for this one, I'm going to just straight up tell you where to go. The concierge at the Fontainebleau suggested this place for us (Our only requirement? "We want cubanos"), and although the service was mediocre, the food was spectacular. As further evidence, the place was filled with locals-- that's how you know it's good.

To get an awesome cubano (or in my case-- "fried pork chunks." Weird name but it was the bomb-dot-com), head to... Latin Cafe. Yup, that's what it's called! And make sure you order the plantains; so good!

And that's all I got! Have you ever visited Miami? What are your favorite spots?