Weekly Link Roundup - August 14

Happy Friday, folks! To end the week on a positive note, I'm sharing some of my favorite and most useful links I discovered this past week-- enjoy!

1. Five things you should do every Sunday to hit "reset" for the week ahead (whowhatwear.com)

2. Simple enough-- nine easy ways to be more positive (thesundaychapter.com)

3. The ultimate guide to personal branding, from the experts at Levo  (levo.com)

4. So many great summer reads on this list! Tiffany shares her own version of "if you loved this, read that" (endlessblissblog.com)

5. So important-- how to make time for yourself, even with the craziest of schedules (andpossiblydinosaurs.com)

6. Fellow Californians, take note! A secret waterfall, dinosaur fossils and other secrets of the California coast (thrillist.com)

7. Great insights from Hannah on how to stay inspired as a lifestyle blogger (justbeeblog.com)

8. Because who doesn't love a wine and cheese party? Sarah gives an easy how-to on how to throw your own (venustrappedinmars.com)

Have a great weekend!