Monday Motivation: Why You Should Think of Happiness As a Skill


Alternative title to this post: I may or may not be making this a thing...

Happy Monday friends! If you were following along with my adventures over the weekend, you saw that I was in beautiful (hot) Miami, celebrating the Bachelorette-dom of my dear friend, Caroline. We had SO much fun, as you can see:

But, needless to say, this morning was a struggle (flying back and forth across the country in 72 hours can do that), and I was in dire need to some extra motivation to get my week started.

Enter this TED talk by happiness strategist (!), Kristi Ling, in which she "reveals the secrets of happiness through the habitual foundation of active participation in life."

This video is particularly relevant for this morning-- my friend and Bachelorette-in-question, Caroline, is one of the most positive people I know. She actively chooses to wake up each day and make it a good one. Sounds like her and Kristi would get along great...

Enjoy and Happy Monday! Let's start this week off on the right foot together.

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