Why You Should Attend a Blogger Meetup

I'm still smiling this morning (yes, on a Monday) from the awesome time I had this weekend at my first ever blogger/IG meetup! Sara and Megan over at A Stylish Start had the brilliant idea a couple months ago to roundup a bunch of California bloggers and Instagrammers for brunch on Saturday in San Diego: a #caligirlmeetup! I was a little nervous when I got the invite, just because I had never actually linked up IRL with another blogger before (I believer I've heard these called "blate?s"), let alone several. But I am so, so happy I went because I had the best time getting to know these fabulous ladies!

Jean @thepreppyphd, yours truly, Norma @nvcampos,  Crystal @caligirl_fashions,  Megan @mkashing, Noelle @beautygirl24, and Sara @skashing

If you like looking at photos of fabulously-styled outfits, then you should absolutely follow these girls! (Also, they're all super sweet and just generally awesome). We had so much fun getting to know one another at our brunch over drinks and amazing food at Searsucker in San Diego's Gaslamp District. 

My brunch order: chorizo, parmesan and lobster scramble. Somehow even more delicious than it looks.

But in addition to having a blast, I also learned a ton! From travel anecdotes (like, it takes forever to travel around Venice but SO worth a visit), to Instagram tips (in the fashion niche, posting selfies can actually lose you followers-- people want to see your whole outfit!), and more, I walked away feeling enriched personally and professionally. But above all, it was so wonderful to connect with fellow bloggers and IG-ers who get it; having a blog can be challenging at times, but also so rewarding. Not to mention, the meetup favors were deliciouss-- thanks Megan and Sara!

If you have the opportunity to connect with local bloggers, I highly recommend it! You are guaranteed to meet some awesome ladies (I know from experience). 

Cheers to a great week!