Weekly Link Roundup - July 24

Happy Friday, readers! Let's get down to it: here are some of my favorite links from that past week (and a new super-cool link roundup image to go with them). Enjoy!

1. 5 easy ways to make a room look bigger (coldwellbanker.com)

2. 17 makeup tricks every girl should know-- 13 is a game changer! (cosmopolitan.com/)

3. A friend shared this with me and I had to pass along: easy tips for keeping your house clean-- with kids! (instaquo.com)

4. For bloggers and digital professionals alike: 9 formatting tactics that will double your reader's average time on page (quicksprout.com)

5. Just discovered Kyla this week and she is awesome! Check out her article on 5 things pro-bloggers do after hitting publish (kylaroma.com)

6. Such a cool guide: your San Diego summer from A to Z (yournorthcounty.com)

7. Where will you be in five years? Jenn's post on this topic really resonated with me this week (hellorigby.com)

8. And now some shameless eye candy. If you're a Sons of Anarchy fan (like me) and were totally bummed when Charlie Hunnam dropped out of 50 Shades of Grey (like me), have. no. fear. Behold. (ew.com)

Have a great weekend!

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