Birthday Weekend Shenigans

Hello long-lost readers! I apologize sincerely for my absence (blog-neglect guilt is real, y'all), but honestly, up until this morning I was recovering from my birthday this past weekend. At this rate, I'll need a full month to recover when I turn 40... Anyways, I had SO much fun this past weekend, and was surrounded by birthday love and well-wishes-- a truly awesome place to be. 

This is what 26 looks like, apparently. Cheers!

On Saturday, the birthday celebrations kicked off hard with a winery tour of Temecula (and by "tour" I mean we ended up going to one winery... More on that later). Temecula is basically the wine country of San Diego, with wineries as far as the eye can see. My friend Dana and I realized a couple months ago that we both have the same birthday, and decided to plan a joint birthday event with 30 of our closest friends. 

Some of the lovely ladies that helped me celebrate on Saturday.

Suffice it to say, it was a blast! I mean 35 people + a luxury party bus + wine (and beer and champagne...) =  a recipe for success. After a long day in Temecula, a small portion of the group ended up rallying to head out in Pacific Beach, where we caught this beautiful sunset at PB's finest sunset-watching (and red-bull-vodka-slushie-drinking) establishment: Shore Club.

Of course, after that long day, you can imagine the general feeling the next morning: rough. I spent the majority of my actual birthday, eating, talking with loved ones, getting pampered, and even napping (glorious!). For my birthday dinner, Mike surprised me with a restaurant of his choosing, which ended up being Nine-Ten in La Jolla. He's a keeper, what can I say.

I'm particularly fond of this photo because I feel like the street arrow is pointing at me: "Here's the birthday girl!" ....I'm weird, I know.

The result of all that celebrating, as a mentioned, was a very tired (but very loved!) 26 year old. I have a feeling this year is going to be the best one yet! What are some of your favorite memories from when you were 26?

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