Birthday Reflections - What Will 26 Bring?

This Sunday is my 26th birthday and, quite literally, marks the start of a new year.

Lots of great stuff happened in my 25th year (that sounds like I weird way to phrase "when I was 25," but I feel like it's more accurate for reflection purposes): I got a job in the industry that I love, the chapter of my relationship where Mike and I actually live in the same city began, and I started this blog (!), to name a few.

But for all the great things that happened in my 25th year, I feel like this transition, from 25 to 26, is a big one for me. I feel like I have earned the opportunity to be more ambitious; to set lofty goals and really start thinking about my future, and-- here's the big difference-- without fear or reservations. If I have learned one really impactful thing from the past year, it would be this:

Don't be afraid to ask for what think you deserve. 

A huge part of my internalization of the above quote was (finally) reading "Lean In." So many parts of that book directly resonated with me: where I'm at in my life, career and relationship. And as I result, I feel empowered and determined to set actionable, work-hard-for-but attainable goals. Some of these I'm going to keep private since they're more personal, but to hold myself personally accountable, I'm sharing the following three:

1. Continue writing regularly

This goal apples to both at work and here, of course. I also am setting the goal for myself here to get published on a major publication. I have some ideas on what I want that "major publication" to be, but I'm keeping it to myself for now :)

2. Switch to Wordpress.

A big motivation for switching my blog over to Wordpress is to actually be able to  prove my SEO chops with my own work (I feel like Blogger isn't as conducive to SEO, anyone else?) I also am thinking about combining my portfolio site with my blog, into one big online presence.

3. Open a 401K

Yayyy adulthood. I've read that you're supposed to start saving for retirement when you're 25, so even I thought I tried reallyyy hard to do this, I'm okay with pushing it to year 26.

Like I said, these are just a few of the goals I'm setting for myself in my "new year." I have a feeling it's going to be the best one yet!

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