4th of July Weekend Recap

Happy Monday, everyone! If you are anything like me, this morning hit you like a ton of bricks. Whyyy do Monday mornings after a long weekend have to be just the worst. Especially the worst if you stupidly scheduled a dentist appointment at 8 am the Monday after a long weekend (but no cavities so yayy, I suppose).

I'm here to share my obligatory weekend recap, for which I took a surprisingly paltry amount of pictures. Literally three. Not to say I wasn't doing anything! I guess I was just having too much fun and forgot that I owned a phone/camera (I know it's something I have to get better about-- sorry!)

We kicked off Friday with one of the best day-activities ever: shopping! I'm not a hugeee shopaholic so I was unawares of the extreme sales that happen over 4th of July weekend. Suffice it to say that going shopping on July 3rd was an awesome decision. I hit up VS Pink (it's cheaper, so sue me) for some unmentionables, and got four free gifts, two of which are pictured below!

Also included in the above picture is my birthday gift from Mike: a rose gold Michael Kors watch that I absolutely love! He's a bit early (my birthday isn't until the end of the month), but since we were already at the mall together, I helped pick it out. After several productive hours at the mall, we freshened up and headed to Fat Fish Cantina for a very un-American Mexican dinner. If you want to know more about Fat Fish, check out my three favorite margaritas in San Diego.

And then came the big day: America's birthday! We started off the day with patriotic pancakes (red velvet-delish), and some cold brew coffee that we MADE (more on that later).

And then folks... that's pretty much all I have to say. We went to a super fun 4th of July party at my roommate's boyfriends place (for about six hours), I wore my brand new "America on Fleek" tank (which I was so excited to wear it was ridiculous), but I took zero pictures. ZERO. All I have is this weird one a saved from my snap story:

Zero fun, sir.

So... there ya go. I hope your 4th of July was much more well-documented than mine! And also really fun. It was a great weekend to be an American. What did you spend it doing?