10 Thoughts You Have While Trying Cross-fit for the First Time

On Thursday, I joined Mike at his gym and tried cross-fit for the first time. Here's (roughly) how it went...

1. WOD, ha. That's a funny word.

2. Wow I literally cannot understand a single word this Brazilian woman is saying.

3. Oh hey that doesn't look so bad. Turkish get ups, I've done those before. Oh, we're doing 100 of them?!

4. Are the hype-yells reallyyyy necessary overly-excited cross-fit guy? We're literally five minutes in.

5. I definitely should be wearing high socks and spandex shorts and not these capris... also I should have way more tattoos.

6. Rowing machine, cool, I actually know how to use this (thank you high school crew practice!)

7. I sure as HELL am not climbing that huge rope in the corner.

8. *Rest period* I'm so tired, I'm so tired, I'm so tired.... Okay I'm ready to go again!

9. Ow my hands. *Looks at hands* How did my hands get so dirty?!

10. This is actually kind of fun.

...And I think I'll be heading back. Have you ever tried cross-fit before? How did you like it?