Weekend Recap: Welcome Back

Hi blog world! I am here and reporting back for my first weekend recap in a while. You'll have to excuse my absence: between visiting home last week and having Mike back in San Diego the past few days, it's been quite a whirlwind lately!

To kick things off, Mike's parent's through a Welcome Back Open House party at their lovely and recently remodeled home in Del Mar. Mike's mom got catering from Waters (delicious) and had the house squeaky-clean and shining for a parade of 55-60 guests. As you can imagine, it was quite the event.

Hot air balloons above Del Mar, pretty standard for a spring/summer evening.

After a long day, Mike and I promptly went home and were in bed probably by 9:30 (so cool, we know). But we used it to our advantage and woke up super early on Sunday. We headed to Fig Tree Cafe, one of the breakfast gems of PB, for brunch.


From there, we churched it up, tandem-kayaked on the bay (typical Sunday afternoon stuff...), and headed back up to Mike's place to celebrate Father's Day with his dad. Although I was lucky enough to get to spend some quality time with my dad and family last week, these family-focused holidays are always especially tough for being far from home. Of course, the nostalgia only fueled my social media Father's Day posting...

Me and Papa G in Vallejo, CA, circa 1990

Overall, this weekend prompted a lot of gratitude for me: for Mike being home, for being raised by such a wonderful father, for getting to spend time with my family, among many other things. For once I can say I'm heading into a new week fully refreshed and centered (a true rarity), and I hope you are fortunate enough to feel the same way! How was your weekend?