Weekend Recap: Home Remedies for Cold and Flu

Happy Monday guys! Unfortunately, I'm not feeling too hot today, which has been the case since Friday night. After I spectacular haircut and color on Friday after work (pictures coming, when I stop feeling like death), I developed a throat tickle, and it all just went downhill from there.

So in the spirit of being helpful and not self-pitying, I've decided to share my favorite home remedies for when you contract your own making-its-way-around-the-office illness.

1. Essential Oils

On Friday night when I realized I was coming down with something, I busted out my doTERRA Family Physician Kit and applied any and every essential oil I could use. That looked something like this...

Mmm sexy.

Some of the oils shown above and their respective uses:

-Breathe: applied topically to chest area for respiratory health (kind of like Vicks VapoRub but better for you)
-On Guard: diluted one drop of this protective blend in water (or EmergenC for extra Vitamin C) to drink
-Lemon: diluted 1-2 drops in water and/or tea to drink
-Oregano: rubbed onto soles of feet... I know it's weird but some people swear by it!

It's hard to say if these remedies "worked," but I'll let you know when I start feeling better. In any case, maybe by using them I shaved a couple days off my recovery time!

2. Echinacea Tea

My roommate Kellie was kind enough to share some of her Echinacea tea with me on Saturday. I had never tried it before, and overall am not a huge tea person, but this stuff really soothed my throat (and hopefully boosted my immune system!) Add some honey and two drops of lemon essential oil for maximum effect.

Image via yogiproducts.com

3. Mucinex

When all else fails, Mucinex is my go-to daytime cold and flu drug. I took some on Saturday morning (Mucinex Fast-Max Severe Cold) and felt better within an hour (the hot shower and Scrubs Netflix marathon probably helped with that too). I still prefer NyQuil for night, but prefer Mucinex over DayQuil when I have the choice.

I'm still hydrating, medicating and oiling like crazy, but it's Sunday evening and I feel at least a little bit better than I did on Friday night, so hopefully those cold remedies helped! What are your favorite cold and flu remedies?

Hope you had a good (and healthy) weekend!