Weekend Recap: Boozy Book Club Brunch

...How's that for alliteration?

Happy Monday, friends! Before we jump back into the weekday grind, let's recap the weekend.

I tried out a new brunch spot on Saturday: Crushed in Pacific Beach. Since it's located right on the main strip of PB, I was kind of doubtful about the quality, but one of my book club friends won us over with two words: mimosa flights.

And after our booze-infused book-club gathering on Saturday morning, I can affirm: the mimosas at Crushed are awesome! For my flight (pictured above), I selected the rosemary grapefruit mimosa, the elderberry mimosa (weird name, but this one was easily my favorite), and the strawberry-orange mimosa. Three delicious samplings for $9! And how about that presentation?

For food I ordered the Dos Huevos breakfast burrito, which was absolutely fantastic. The breakfast portion of the menu is fairly small, but each omelette can be made into a breakfast burrito, and basically customized however you want, so the menu is bigger than it looks on paper. And again, super reasonably priced. Portions are small-ish, so ordering lots of items to split is a good way to go here.

Since this was a book club gathering, we did actually have some book-related discussion. This month's selection was "Brain on Fire"-- a biographical account of a young woman who chronicles "her month of madness," a terrifying side effect of an incredibly rare autoimmune disease. It's 250 pages and I read it in two days. If you're interested in medicine or psychology at all, (or if you're just looking for a non-fiction page-turner), I highly recommend this book.

The rest of Saturday was spent at a friend's barbeque, and then on Sunday I mostly ran errands and was moderately productive, closing out the day with an evening beach cruise and, of course, our weekly Game of Thrones dinner party (holy COW that episode. Did anyone else watch?)

And now, here we are, back to the weekly grind, but also one day closer to Mike's return to the states (we're at ten days, in case you were wondering)! How was your weekend?