Countdown Update: 1 Day!

It seems like the week before you go on vacation always has wayyyy more in store than you expect. Literally every time. That's probably for the best in my case; I'm already feeling super antsy and distracted with Mike's arrival just ONE DAY away, so best to keep myself busy. But like... it would be nice to have some breathing room. Just saying. Anywaysss, like I mentioned, Mike returns to the U.S. tomorrow! So naturally, this past week has been spent getting my hair did, nails did, eyebrows did (that one's later today... eek), and doing all the unnecessary, wonderful, preparation-type things we girls get to do. *arm shelf*

That being said, I will be relatively offline the next few days while traveling and spending time with friends and family back in Virginia. But don't worry-- I have a few posts scheduled so you won't miss me too much (ha). In the meantime, you can follow this exciting time on Instagram here!

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One of my favorite "love" pins ever.
Looking forward to lots of love in the next few days!