10 Signs You're a Mid-Twenties Girl (Boss)

This post was originally inspired by a PureWow article I stumbled across earlier this week: 25 Ways You Know You're a Grown-Ass Woman. Of course, we all aspire to be "grown-ass women," but I don't feel like term quite fits the bill for where I'm at right now... and maybe you feel the same. In the mean time, here's ten signs, in my opinion, that you're a mid-twenties girl (boss)...

1. You're in a book club (or two). And you really like it.

2. After a long week in the office, Netflix is your preferred Friday night activity. (Have you SEEN some of those Netflix Original Series? "Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt" is my jam).

3. Nothing gets you more jazzed up than finding a new recipe on Pinterest. And you can use said recipe to prep your meals for the following week? Forget about it.

4. Doing laundry counts as a workout. It DOES.

5. Half of your savings goes directly into your wedding fund. And by "wedding fund," I mean buying flights and gifts for OTHER people's weddings, since all your friends have decided to get married at the same time, apparently.

6. Puppy-ownership lust is REAL. You vacillate daily between wanting to get a dog SO bad, and realizing that you are definitely not responsible enough, fiscally or otherwise, to get one. Some day...

7. You rarely post on Facebook. But you check it at least 17 times a day. How else are you supposed to see who got engaged, pregnant or married (see item #4...) that day?

8. "What the hell kind of a gift am I supposed to bring to a baby shower?" is a question you've had to ask at least once. But then you went shopping for baby clothes and it was freaking adorable and you bought ALL the headbands with bows on them for your new-mommy friend (...just me?).

9. Any event that involves creating or receiving an Evite is instantly awesome.

10. You balance a crazy amount of stuff. Like, super-human levels of stuff. From work to social events, from finding time to work out to spending time with family, friends, your significant other and your imaginary dog, your life is pretty much jam-packed. But... you've kind of got it figured out. And THAT's the biggest sign you're a mid-twenties girl (boss).

Of course this is just a ten-item list so I'm sure I missed some important inclusions... What do you have to add?