Weekly Link Roundup - May 16

Welcome to weekly link-roundup: Saturday edition! I intended to publish this yesterday, like all my Friday link round-ups, but you would not believe the day I had... so anyway, here are some of my favorite links from the past week. Enjoy!

1. The only 35 items you need in your closet and an intro to capsule wardrobes (dailyworth.com)

2. Adding some of these to my list: 7 underrated hikes in San Diego (thrillist.com)

3. This about to come in handy (#weddingseason).... What to wear to any wedding (purewow.com)

4. Maybe I'm a little over-excited for my upcoming trip to Hawaii but this post on 10 things to do on Oahu is super helpful! (galmeetsglam.com)

5. This article is no joke: 5 awesome design hacks to create shareable social media graphics (socialmouths.com)

6. Someone swapped the genders of The Avengers and it's awesome... girl power! (buzzfeed.com)

Shorter-than-usual list this week, but what can I say... sometimes you gotta roll with the punches (and this week threw a lot of punches). Happy Saturday, everyone!