Weekend Recap: 80s Hair and Blogger Hangouts

Happy Monday friends! I hope you all had wonderful weekends. For me this weekend was full of lots of hairspray and spandex. Let me explain...

To start off, Friday night was spent... doing absolutely nothing. And it was glorious. I knew I had a big night coming up on Saturday and was still recovering from my company's outing to the Padres's game on Wednesday (Word to the wise: middle-of-the-week drinking somehow gives you an even worse hangover than weekend drinking. Lesson learned), so I had no qualms about staying in and watching the final season of Sons of Anarchy all night. The final season is finally out on Netflix, by the way!

On Saturday, I ran some errands, including refilling two of my makeup staples: Benefit's Bad Gal Lash mascara and Anastasia's Brow Wiz skinny brow pencil. I use those suckers daily.

The majority of Saturday was spent preparing for the night's festivities... partying 80s-style and checking out 80s cover band, Tainted Love at House of Blues downtown! Any excuse to tease your hair and wear spandex and/or acid wash denim, am I right?

Thanks friends (Steph and Katherine) for taking these awesome pictures!

On Sunday, I ventured to the mall, which looks like this in San Diego, by the way:

No ceiling, no problem.

....And casually bought a new MacBook Air. I wasn't really intending to buy a new laptop that day, but I had been planning to buy one in the near future (I haven't had a personal laptop since my college one crapped out about three years ago), but it just felt right... Plus I had a super awesome blogger hangout that night to prepare for! Duty calls...

On Sunday evening, I got the opportunity to link up with some super cool blogger chicks for my first-ever Blogger Hangout! Emily over at Ember Grey organized the hangout, which she oversees regularly on a monthly basis with a few other bloggers. I was lucky enough to win the Rafflecopter to participate in yesterday's hangout and connect with some really cool chicks while talking about writing style and blog goals! Check out some of the other bloggers who participated:

Anne @ Love the Here and Now
Cassie @ Sage
Melissa @ The Rambling Llama
Nina @ Wear Flowers in Your Hair
Amanda @ Amanda Moments
Kim @ Hunt and Host
Diana @ This Imperfect Happiness

I am so grateful for the opportunity to link up with not only other bloggers, but also strong, driven women, who care about having a voice! And for that I'm participating in Emily's #gratefulheart linkup. Read more about it by clicking on the link below:

Grateful Heart w/ Ember Grey

And now, here we are, back in the office on Monday morning. How was your weekend?