Top 4 Most Helpful Twitter Keyboard Shortcuts

I use Twitter a lot. Not like, live-tweet-fanatic-level a lot, but between work, blogging, and all the fun stuff in between-- a lot. So, when I'm using Twitter on my computer, I rely on some keyboard shortcuts here and there to make my life easier. Here are my four favorites, guaranteed to at least add a few seconds back into your day!

1. G+L --> View all of your Lists

I follow about 1200 accounts (which is peanuts compared to hundreds of other people I've seen), so I use Lists on Twitter religiously to categorize those accounts. Since my account is kind of a mix between personal and professional interests, I use these lists as a go-to if I'm looking for something specific: "News" list for current events, "Favorite Bloggers" list for all my fellow bloggers' latest tweets, "SEO" for industry-related news, etc. By using G+L I can access all these lists with two keystrokes.

2. Period (.) --> Load new tweets

Don't feel like refreshing the page? Easy. Hit the period key (.) and your timeline will refresh to show new tweets. This is especially helpful if you've had Twitter open in a tab for quite some time and want to see what you've missed.

3. N --> Compose new tweet

I know you all are pretty computer savvy, so you are familiar that any keyboard shortcut that involves "N" means something "New" is about to happen. With Twitter shortcuts, it's super simple-- hit "N" to compose a new tweet, wherever you are. Useful for when genius strikes (which is always random and never predictable, in my experience).

4. Space --> Page Down

You read that right: you can hit the space bar to scroll down on any Twitter page. However, if you're looking for a way to scroll back up, I haven't found a shortcut for that yet... so don't throw away your mouse just yet.

I hope you find these useful! Check out the full list of Twitter Shortcuts below, or hover your mouse over your profile photo on the top right of your account to get to this same screen.

Image via Twitter

Do you have any other Twitter short-cuts that you employ on the reg? Please share!