Weekly Link Roundup - April 17

A roundup of my favorite links from the past week - enjoy!

1. Hallelujah... 20 things women do better than men by Taylor (thedailytay.com)

2. A simple spring cleaning checklist (stylemepretty.com)

3. The ultimate guide to managing money in your 20s (greatist.com)

4. Obsessed with this matcha drink: 3 homemade energy drink recipes to try (hellonatural.co)

5. Some awesome free blogging resources, courtesy of Helene (heleneinbetween.com)

6. Surprisingly simple: how to add an Instagram feed widget to your blog by Sarah (venustrappedinmars.com)

7. Professionally nerding out over this Hubspot article on positioning in agency branding (hubspot.com)

8. Loving this series by Emily, especially this post on creating an artistic practice (embergrey.com)

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