Weekend Recap and That Time We Shopped #LillyforTarget

Happy Monday friends! This weekend ended up being quite a whirlwind and I'm still recovering from yesterday... shopping really wears a girl out, ya know?

Friday started off with some unexpected shenanigans when I got notified of some last minute birthday celebrations for a friend. Several beers and a country bar later (Note: I feel like thus far, this blog has made it seem like I only go to country bars. This is false) I woke up on Saturday with a wicked hangover, but I used my time productively by finishing season two of House of Cards. So. Good. 

Luckily I felt better by early evening because I had very special dinner plans with my bestie, Cassie! A few weeks ago, Mike surprised me with a Groupon for CrabCatcher in La Jolla, one of the nicest seafood restaurants in one of the nicest parts of San Diego. Naturally I asked my girlfriend to join me for a romantic date night (kidding... kind of), and needless to say, we were excited. Crab Catcher is located in a beautiful spot in the heart of the cove, and our reservation was right at sunset. And the food wasn't half bad ether... We opted for the "seafood platter" special: lobster, king crab and tiger prawns, which was incredible. And oh yeah, it was $125. Whoops. Like I said, it's a really nice place, but it absolutely lived up to our expectations and I can't wait to go back!

It was a good thing we fueled up on Saturday night, because Sunday morning was the real challenge of the weekend: tackling the Lilly Pulitzer collection at Target, which, in case you've been living under rock, was rolled out yesterday morning. As someone who typically avoids Black Friday and all other kinds of shopping madness, I definitely was not prepared for what went down. Cassie and I showed up at 7:55 am to Target, and thank God we did; by the time we got there, there was already a line of women about 40 deep waiting outside the store entrance. It was intense.

When we got into the store and headed to the four (Four? Seriously?) racks of Lilly clothing, it was like a piranha attack. Women swarmed the colorful prints, leaving nothing but metal racks and a handful of XL sizes behind in a matter of minutes. Cassie grabbed three things. I panicked and grabbed nothing. #Helpful. However, after realizing that pretty much everything was gone, we headed to the dressing room. Here ladies, is where the magic happens. We arrived at the dressing room area with three items (no thanks to me), and left with approximately 15. Women emerging from the dressing rooms would hand their unwanted articles to the dressing room attendant (God bless her), who would then hold them up auction style: "Anyone want this medium shirt?"

I have three pieces of advice if you find yourself in this situation: 

1. Be assertive. Sticking your hand up in the air and being vocal will help you loads.

2. Use the buddy system. Two horses in the ring is better than one! Depending on who was closer, louder, etc, Cass and I worked together to accumulate as many items as possible. Even if they don't end up working out, you have more material for trading out again.

3. Be polite. As I observed in Sunday, it's easy for these crazy shopping situations to get out of hand. Quickly. That doesn't mean you have to lose your manners (looking at you, two grown women who were playing tug of war with a beach bag) or more importantly, your sense of humor. This experience was so much more enjoyable since Cassie and I weren't super serious about it (I mean... We were. But we also laughed a lot throughout). Being mean or overly pushy won't help you get the dress you want, I promise. 

All things considered, our outing was a great success! 

And check out these lovely prints:

After recovering from the madness of #LillyforTarget, the rest of my Sunday was spent at brunch (hellooo Great Maple, nice to finally meet you!), biking around PB, and enjoying Game of Thrones/taco night (really probably the best combination of any two things, ever).

How was your weekend? Did anyone else venture to their local Target for Pink Sunday shopping madness? War stories welcome.