Weekend in Photos: Cloudy Days + Art Alive 2015

Ah Sunday evenings... perfect for laundry, House of Cards and writing blog posts, amiright? 

This weekend was a weird one for San Diego weather... some light drizzling on Friday night, followed by a really ominous-looking Saturday sky. I can't complain though; the East-coaster in me loves those occasional gloomy days. 

Friday night was spent downtown at Bootlegger (has anyone else been to this bar? I have mixed feelings on it...), and Saturday running errands and enjoying rainy weather the way it's meant to be enjoyed: indoors. The highlights were my purchase of baby clothes (yup, I'm at that point in my life where my friends are now starting to have babies), and watching the movie Foxcatcher. Has anyone else watched it? It's a bit of a nail-biter, but good.

On Sunday, Cassie and I ventured to Balboa Park to check out Art Alive, an annual fundraiser and exhibit that comes to the San Diego Museum of Art where local florists create over 100 exquisite floral interpretations of famous works of art. A truly artful concept, and many were quite breath-taking to behold. (By the way, shout out to La Jolla Mom; I originally found out about this event through one of her tweets!) Unfortunately, pictures were not allowed inside the museum other than in the main lobby, but check out these photos of the main lobby exhibit and beautiful Balboa Park:

After two hours of walking around the museum and the park, Cassie and I were ravenous, so we took a trip to a South Park local favorite, Station Tavern, and feasted on burgers, bratwursts, tater tots and craft beer... absolutely delish!

That brown pile on top of my burger is carmelized onions... Doesn't look incredibly appetizing but they were legit.

Hope you had a wonderful weekend! Did you do anything particularly awesome?