Weekend in Photos: April 13

Happy Monday everyone! I know that's always a bit of an oxymoron, but until I think of a better way to start these weekend-recap posts, that's just what we're going to use, okay? Okay. Here's a recap of what went down this weekend in the life of Alyssa with an A.

So... I finally jumped on the bandwagon and started "House of Cards" on Friday night. I've been on a real DC kick lately; if I keep watching these types of shows, I may be moving back east sooner rather than later! I am happy to report that after one weekend, I'm already into season two (#noshame). Also, I recognized a family friend/neighbor who made it onto one episode of the show in season one!

Oh hey, Catalina!

Saturday was full of love and Greek food. Let me explain... The day started off with a beautiful bridal shower brunch for the young adult community director at my church; a truly inspiring, selfless woman, and it was so wonderful to be able to help celebrate her love.

Later, I met up with a few friends who were celebrating Greek Easter on Mission Bay; we ate, drank and were merry. We also played "Egg Wars?" Apparently it's a Greek Easter tradition where you smash two hard-boiled eggs against each other to see who "wins" when their egg isn't cracked. Also, there was a little beagle puppy there named Tucker, so that was cool.

The love is mutual, obviously.

Sunday was spent being unusually productive, with coffee shop sessions, church, laundry, a quick run to the beach, and of course... the "Game of Thrones" premier! (I'm just now noticing a TV trend to this weekend...) On Sunday night, my roommates and I hosted a very low-key viewing party to usher GOT back into season. Sausage and pepper + wine + bloodlust and nudity = a splendid evening.

And in case you haven't heard...

As of yesterday, Mike returns home in two months! That really was probably the highlight of my weekend. Also, I apologize in advance as my posts about Mike from this point forward will probably just get increasingly more manic and incomprehensible. *Insert arm shelf emoji here*

Speaking of emojis, the new ones are WACK, wouldn't you agree? Anyways, how was your weekend? What are you still smiling about?