Things to Look Forward To: May Edition

Tomorrow marks the first day of May. So of course, I'm posting this, because it's awesome. End of story.
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Seriously, did April even happen? (I feel like I ask myself that at the end of every month. Where does the time go?)

If you're new around these parts, you should know that I'm a chronic list-maker. Seriously, it's a problem. But it's also works to my advantage in exercises of positivity. On my best days, I make daily lists of  "Things I'm Thankful For," to practice gratitude and take stock of all that I have to be thankful for. Applying that exercise proactively, I also like to make lists of "Things I'm Looking Forward To," to remind me of what there is to be happy about on the horizon. So, I figured I'd create a monthly list are share with you here-- maybe you are looking forward to some of the same things!

May Blogilates calendar

Every month Cassey Ho, the beauty and brawn behind, releases a brand spankin-new monthly workout calendar, and they are consistently awesome. You have to sign-up for her email newsletter (which you won't regret anyways) to get the password for calendar access. Cheers to getting fit in May!

Barbeques, cook-outs and outdoor parties in general

Something about May (probably Memorial Day) gives the unofficial "go-ahead" for all kinds of outdoor parties. For example, two of my most creative friends are hosting a Crawfish Boil party for their dog's first birthday. (Yes, you read that right). This dog, actually, if you remember him from my previous post: What Happens When You Adopt a Puppy (For a Day):

Hiiii Roscoe.

Baseball games

Do not misread or misinterpret this: I am excited to attend baseball games (read: eat hotdogs, drink beer, sit in the sun, hang out with friends), not watch them on TV/be a fan of baseball in general. We actually had a company outing to my first Padres game of the season yesterday and it was awesome. Bring on summer baseball!

One of my favorite holidays... 

Cinco de Mayo man. I know it's not really a holiday, and definitely not an American holiday, but you can't beat it. Margaritas, Mexican food, festive hats... it's the best.

#doingitwrong? Cinco de Mayo circa 2013.

Memorial Day weekend + spring visitors

Long weekends in spring lend themselves well to hosting visitors in beautiful San Diego-- no complaints here! Cassie has two good friends (my friends by proxy) coming in to town over Memorial Day, which means busting out the old San Diego Tourist Map (which we pretty much have down to a science by now). Always a good time when friends are in town!

The end of April also means the end of Helene's #30PhotosinBetween Instagram challenge (sad face), which I successfully completed by the way! This is a huge achievement for me, since I am a habitual commitment-phobe when it comes to challenges like that. Who else participated?

So, safe to say I have a lot to look forward to in the next month. What are you looking forward to in May?