On Saying Goodbye

Regardless of how many times you say them, goodbyes are one of those things that never get easier.

As I write this, Mike is in the air, on his last solo flight back to Italy. We said goodbye at the airport, like we've done so many times now, and despite it being our last big goodbye before he comes home for good in June, it was hard. It's always hard. Goodbyes are special that way. Every time I say goodbye to my family after a long, love-filled visit home (of which there have been many in the past several years), it's hard. It makes me really question my decision to live as far away from them as I do. And of course, some goodbyes are harder than others. I'm lucky that most of mine as of late have been temporary goodbyes; "see you laters," I guess you could say. But then again, in a way, we are lucky to have goodbyes-- they help us to truly realize the love and appreciation we have for those people who are so hard for us to say goodbye to.

So why do we continue to say goodbye? How do we manage it? Kait nailed it in a recent post about the trials of being a military spouse on her blog: "We do it because the 'coming home' is so sweet. So, so, so sweet."

Yes, goodbyes are hard. But they're meaningful too. And the harder they are, the more blessed you are for having them. Not a sermon... just a thought.