Five Things That Made Me Happy This Weekend

This weekend started off rowdy (literally), but slowed down quite a bit as it went on. Let's recap the highlights, shall we?

1. Three words: country line-dancing.

On Friday night, my roommates and I hit downtown San Diego for what started out as Happy Hour. One thing led to another, and we ended up at Moonshine Flats, San Diego's premier country line-dancing bar. Let it be said: country line-dancing is way harder than it looks, but it sure as heck is fun to try!

2. These pants...

A few weeks ago, I read a fellow blogger's praise of lululemon's high times pants... well fellow blogger, you were right. These pants are amazing! The high-rise fit is both comfortable and flattering. They set you back a pretty penny, but the quality is extraordinary. I already have them packed up for my workout tomorrow, and I have a feeling I will pretty much be living in these puppies.

3. Spring and summer fashion is here!

I hit the mall the mall this weekend, and safe to say that spring and summer styles are officially here. I did some damage at Francesca's, where it was clear that pastel colors and nautical themes are "in." So naturally, I had to pick up these earrings...  a girl's gotta be in style, right?

4. The new Cinderella movie

Since it was an average of 90 degrees in San Diego this weekend, I chose to spend Sunday afternoon in the cool refuge of the local movie theatre, where I unashamedly watched Disney's live action release of "Cinderella." I have to admit, I was pleasantly surprised with this movie! The message was endearing, the costumes and sets were breathtaking, and Robb Stark makes a hell of a Prince Charming. When in doubt, "Have courage, and be kind." 

5. I checked a movie off my Classic Movie bucket-list...

And it was a good one too. On Sunday evening (clearly 'movies' was the theme of Sunday), I finally watched "Good Will Hunting" (which is out on Netflix right now, by the way). It lived up to the hype, but I'd have to watch it a few more times before saying it's one of my favorites. How about them apples? 

What are you still smiling about from this past weekend? Happy Monday!