5 Things That Made Me Happy This Weekend

Another weekend has come and gone, and with it, some HUGE news! Read on to find out in the top five things that made me happy this past weekend.

1. A work excursion to Karl Strauss Brewery

Since technically this happened on Thursday evening, I guess you could say my weekend kicked off with a trip to Karl Strauss brewery on Thursday for what else-- a work event! Man, I really love my industry. HubSpot, the leader in inbound marketing and sales software, hosted an event for Inbound Marketing Week at this popular local San Diego brewery. A lineup of awesome speakers (my absolute favorite was Bridget Ayers, founder of Get Smart Workspaces and Instagram marketing pro), good beer and some out-of-office work time made this Thursday an automatic win.

2. Some quality PB time

A panoramic shot from out on Crystal Pier in Pacific Beach, San Diego

Pacific Beach, or PB for short, is the neighborhood where I live in San Diego. As the name implies, it's a beach town, and since it's the area I live in, it's often all too easy to take it for granted. On Saturday (while waiting to get my car's oil changed, yay adulthood!), I spent some quality time wandering the boardwalk and taking in all the elements and beauty that I often overlook. It's hard not to feel lucky after a day like this.

3. This ad from Jake's Del Mar

While hanging out at my favorite local coffee shop, I thumbed through Locale Magazine and found this ad for Jake's Del Mar. What's pictured is literally the exact meal I ordered when I dined there last Friday.. I guess I have pretty good taste, y'all! Also I've always really appreciated a good print-ad; this one is top-notch.

Ad found in Locale Magazine

4. Book Club

My inner English major and literature nerd came out to play at this month's book club meeting on Sunday. My roommates and I hosted a lively (and well-fed) discussion of The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawking. If you enjoy the "psychological thriller" genre, go out and purchase this book immediately. I honestly think I read it in four days. That compelling.

Don't mind me-- homemaker and book club host extraordinaire! Kidding...

5. And finally... Mike is a homeowner!

Well technically, a condo owner, but after a hefty search and application process, he is now the proud owner of a beautiful condo in North Pacific Beach! (read: the fancy part of PB). I am so excited for him, and I can't wait to share pictures of this spot after everything becomes official. Spoiler alert: the view is to DIE for. Mike won't be back in San Diego until June, and we aren't planning on living together right away, but still this is such a huge achievement for him and I am ecstatic that things worked out seemingly just the way they were supposed to.

Happy Monday, everyone! What are you still smiling about from this weekend?

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